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Releases: santedb/client-registry


12 Apr 12:18
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This release represents a combination of the changes in 1.3 and 1.4 of the MEDIC CR / SanteMPI project.


  • Authentication of nodes against a compatible OAUTH2.0 service such as SanteGuard or SanteSuite 1.20+
  • Authentication of nodes using either X.509 certificates or MSH-8 (in v2)
  • Support for token fetch from compatible token service
  • Support for enhanced data triggering using IDataTriggerService (used to generate identifiers, etc.)
  • Support for masking identity domains based on policies held by the currently authenticated device principal.
  • Support for excluding identifiers from match decisions.
  • Support for overriding the default IClientRegistryMergeService behaviors including matching and duplicate detection.


11 Apr 17:09
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Version 1.2 of the Client Registry. This release contains numerous performance enhancements and a reorganization of some of the key backbone components for the CR.

Upgrading from 1.1.2

The upgrade process is manual for this installation in regards to the bindings of services in the configuration file. To upgrade, update all references in the configuration file from 1.1 to 1.2.

This release also contains the cr-clienttools package which are a C# and ActiveX control (32 bit) for communicating with the client registry.