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This release represents the Kelowna Technology Preview. New in this version:

  • Aes256 Encrypted Backup Archives
  • Automatic backup of local data on application start
  • Enhanced User Interfaces
  • Support for synchronization of MDM masters from a SanteDB server running with MDM enabled (though the dCG will not recognize or display local records, instead using masters)
  • Enhanced Conflict Resolution is Tickle interface/system
  • Enhanced NK1 segment processing
  • Bug fixes on HL7 interface.
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This release of the disconnected client (named Jasper) is a preview of the disconnected gateway software. This software has been ported to .NET Framework 4.8 and .NET Standard 2.0.

New features in this release include:

  • Ability to autoconfigure OpenMRS instances running 0.9.21 of the SanteDB OpenMRS plugin
  • Enhanced support for MDM on server infrastructure
  • Enhanced reliability in synchronization queue
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This release represents the Iqaluit (version 1.11x stream) release of the SanteDB disconnected gateway platform.

Included in this release are:

  • Basic administration user interface for managing the disconnected gateway
  • Support for HL7v2 and IHE ATNA (RFC3881 or DICOM format) auditing in an offline context
  • Synchronization support against SanteDB iCDR (server) 1.110 or higher