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Releases: santedb/santedb-sdk

v3.0 Alpha 998 (Alberta)

28 Jul 22:52
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This release of the SDK includes the latest version of the 3.0 alpha of SanteDB iCDR/dCDR SDK.

Highlights in this release:

  • PakMan can now inspect packages via the --info operation
  • Applet debugger has been updated to the latest iCDR core including:
    • New onboarding process for submitting signing certificates to the iCDR
    • Updates to the SanteDB VRP QR Code Generator
    • New User interfaces in the administrative solution for managing code systems
    • New APIs on dCDR for management of reference terms, and code systems (import of code systems via CSV)
  • Improvements to the FHIR interface (especially related to the persistence of observations from FHIR)
  • Enhancements to the foreign data importer format which allow for specification of parameters
  • New sdbac commands for managing applets and solutions
  • Management of data warehouse ETL jobs and data marts
  • Management of security identity certificates for signing and authentication

Version 3.0 Alpha 890 (Alberta)

17 May 15:33
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This release of the SDK includes the latest improvements from the 3.0 branch of SanteDB. Version 3.0 highlights are documented on the SanteDB Wiki.

This release of the SDK:

  • PakMan includes an inspector to dump the contents of packaged applets and solutions
  • Applet Debugger includes additional support for customizing the launch (setting port, HTTPS, browser launch preferences)

v3.0 Alpha 480 (Alberta)

08 Mar 23:28
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This release represents the first public alpha release of the Version 3.0 stream of SanteDB. This release has many new features including:

  • Harmonization of the PostgreSQL, FirebirdSQL and SQLite persistence layers (you can run Postgres on the dCDR or SQLite on the iCDR!)
  • Complete refactoring of the persistence layer to support pipelining to more selectively load data from the database
  • Multi-user checkout/checkin of resources to allow for concurrent editing of resources
  • Enhanced APIs for the dCDR Client development allowing for enhanced onboarding process
  • New HDSI and AMI interfaces and operations to more easily manipulate objects
  • Full support for TOTP MFA via E-Mail, Twilio (google authenticator under development)
  • Refactoring of the OAUTH Security Services to better support code authorization flow
  • Optimization of datatables and structures to provide faster loading of data from databases

Queenston Release (2.2.1)

14 Feb 23:38
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Release notes for this version of the SanteDB server are located on the SanteSuite Wiki

Full Changelog: v2.1.175...v2.2.1

Queenston Community Technology Preview (2.1.175)

30 Jan 17:49
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For full release notes please consult the SanteDB Releases Wiki Page

Full Changelog: v2.1.170...v2.1.175

Queenston Community Technology Preview (2.1.170)

Queenston Community Technology Preview (2.1.161)

18 Jan 19:38
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This release represents the latest of the SanteDB Software Development Kit (SDK) assets, used to develop your SanteDB applets and dCDR components.

Full Changelog: v2.1.151...v2.1.161

Queenston Community Technology Preview (2.1.151)

10 Jan 21:50
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This is the latest release of the SanteDB dCDR SDK version 2.1.151.

  • Adds support for local queue to send to the central audit repository in online mode
  • Removed unimplemented buttons from core user interfaces
  • Minor enhancements to performance of the online only mode
  • Enhances the directory naming to support better installation experience on Linux operating systems.

Queenston Community Technology Preview (2.1.147)

17 Dec 20:53
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This release is the latest version of the SanteDB dCDR SDK.

New features include:

  • Fixes to the initial configuration script to properly refresh the configuration screen
  • Updates proxy handler to emit appropriate code coverage attributes
  • Updates the core applications to emit help by default
  • Includes updates to the core packages which:
    • Introduces pub/sub subscription management for adding/removing pub/sub subscriptions
    • Fixes editing of MDM controlled assets
    • Adds new implementations of SanteDB.resources API for deletion mode of Inactivate

Full Changelog: v2.1.145.1...v2.1.147

Queenston Community Technology Preview (

08 Dec 16:17
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This is version (Queenston) of the SanteDB dCDR SDK. New in this release:

  • Integration of the dispatcher queue interface to prevent hangs on audits or requests to server
  • Updates thread pooling and probe infrastructure to support new user interface elements for probes
  • Probes and dispatcher queue management user interface improvement to allow for maintenance of dCDR and iCDR queue

Full Changelog: v2.1.130...v2.1.145.1