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@justin-fyfe justin-fyfe released this May 10, 2021

This version builds on top of the previous Ottawa version releases. In this release:

  • Ability to see data from FHIR objects by placing data in ./data/fhir in addition to Datasets
  • Better support for FHIR _revInclude parameters
  • Improved support for Patient->RelatedPerson<-Patient relationships
  • Refactored NK1 support to support compatibility with FHIR
  • Adds roletype and classification keys to the EntityRelationship classes to further classify relationships between entities
  • Separate packaging of SanteDB Administrative Console (SDBAC) to support connecting to the docker instances
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@justin-fyfe justin-fyfe released this Apr 11, 2021

New in this version:

  • Support for processing FHIR bundles
  • Support for local resolution of bundle pointers
  • Fixed minor issues with installer for FirebirdSQL
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  • v2.1.5
  • eaec528
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  • v2.1.5
  • eaec528
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@justin-fyfe justin-fyfe released this Apr 5, 2021

This release adds:

  • Support for FHIR Subscription Resources
  • Support for Pub/Sub Broker Implementation (via IPubSubBroker) (NB: Currently this is on demand rather than queued)
  • Support for Docker plugins and configuration via environment variables.
  • Automatic deployment of database updates and schemas
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Mar 8, 2021
Merge branch 'develop'

@justin-fyfe justin-fyfe released this Feb 24, 2021

This release represents a heavy refactoring of the core assemblies and numerous improvements to the core functionality of the server. Some major changes include:

  • Upgrades the FHIR message layer to R4
    • Improves the implementation of the FHIR Patient resource
    • Improves the implementation of the OpenAPI generation functions so Swagger docs more accurately reflect the capabilities of the service
  • Introduces multi-match configurations on the MDM layer
    • By default the MDM layer will revert to any unique identity domain for the basis of matching
  • Refactored the SanteDB.Core assembly to SanteDB.Server.Core to more accurately reflect the function of this assembly
  • Improved query performance by changing the way that stateful queries are loaded
  • Improved PIP and PDP implementations
    * Scope assertions in the OAUTH JWT are now explicit rather than assuming clients can infer policies from grants
  • Refactor of the privacy filter interfaces to allow other services to leverage common masking/hashing functions

Upgrading from SanteDB iCDR Server 2.0.xx to 2.1.0

SanteDB iCDR server 2.1.0 has undergone some code and binary clean up to
correct issues with the FHIR interface, allowing for multiple matching
configurations, and to refactor code to common libraries reducing
overhead of maintaining the old PCL libraries.

To upgrade from 2.0.xx to 2.1.0 the following procedures should be taken:

  1. Take a backup any configuration files edited in %INSTALL%\config (if any modifications were made)
  2. Stop the SanteDB host process
  3. Run the Windows Installer (or unzip the tarballs)
    • The Windows Installer confirm you want to remove the 2.0.xx files, click yes
    • If installing via tarball remove the files: SanteGuard.*.dll, SanteMPI.*.dll and SanteDB.Core.dll
  4. Review either the santedb.npgsql.config.xml or santedb.fbsql.config.xml files
    • Any section definitions that have changed, modify them to match the 2.1.0 definition
    • Any service definitions that have changed assemblies or namespaces, modify to match the 2.1.0
    • You can reference this commit as a guide to changes
  5. If you require SanteGuard or SanteMPI ensure that you unpack the appropriate 2.1.x packages to restore those plugins.
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@justin-fyfe justin-fyfe released this Feb 12, 2021

This release represents a major refactoring of the server side to code to improve the performance and scalability of the solution based on lessons learned from large scale deployments of SanteDB iCDR.

New Features

  • Dependency Injection Pattern has been implemented in addition to the traditional Service Locator Pattern
  • Auto-updating/migration of databases from the ORM layer regardless of persistence technology used
  • Refactored JavaScript BRE which now draws workers from a pool of JINT Engine
  • Configuration subsystem now allows for partial configuration files and includes
  • Passwords are now peppered in the primary database by default
  • Archival functions (copying old data according to retention rules) implementation has started
  • New functions in the administrative console for CDR Querying, policy assignment, etc.

Release Notes

  • There are known issues around the MDM merging layer in this release. It is recommended that users do not use merge functionality from the API with this release until this issue is corrected.
  • It has come to our attention from deployments that multi-scoring configurations need to be implemented to better flag duplicate records (i.e. score on a specific identifier).
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Feb 9, 2021
Merge branch 'develop'
Jan 23, 2021
Merge branch 'develop'
Jan 11, 2021
Merge branch 'develop'

@justin-fyfe justin-fyfe released this Jan 5, 2021

This release represents the first Montreal CTP.

New features include;

  • Bulk operations on persistence layer
  • Copy operation to support archiving
  • Purge operations to support purging data
  • Fixes to the configuration files on installation

Quick Start

If you're looking to get started quickly, you can install the default options and use the following commands in Windows to launch the FirebirdSQL version of the application with no data (the Elbonia sample dataset can also be used this way):

(Elevated Command Prompt)

cd "\Program Files\SanteSuite\SanteDB\Server"
santedb --console --config=santedb.config.fbsql.xml

After starting basic services will be available on port 8080. You can go to the API documentation for the default services by visiting the http://localhost:8080/api-docs.

The default services / settings are:

User: administrator
Password: Mohawk123
Application: fiddler
Secret: fiddler

HDSI : http://localhost:8080/hdsi
AMI: http://localhost:8080/ami
OAUTH: http://localhost:8080/auth
FHIR: http://localhost:8080/fhir
HL7v2: llp://localhost;2100

Web Interface?

If you need a web interface to administer your SanteDB instance install the SanteDB-WWW portal from

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