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Cake AddIn that extends Cake with Helm
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Cake AddIn that extends Cake with Helm


Add this addin to your Cake script:

#addin "Cake.Helm"

Commands Supported

  • HelmList
  • HelmLint
  • HelmPackage


Travis NuGet

This library is built using .NET Core and Cake.

On Windows:

cd ci-script

On Linux:

cd ci-script

Code of Conduct

We are committed to fostering an open and welcoming environment. Please read our code of conduct before participating in or contributing to this project.


We welcome contributions and collaboration on this project. Please read our contributor's guide to understand how best to work with us.

License and Authors

license GitHub contributors

This software is made available by Dmitriy Vereshchagin and Syncromatics Engineering under the MIT license.

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