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geneSCF-master-v1.0 Citation updated Sep 13, 2016
geneSCF-master-v1.1 Updated README Dec 28, 2016 Update Dec 28, 2016


- GitHub for GeneSCF discontinued. 
+ Please visit to download latest version of GeneSCF.

Gene Set Clustering based on Functional annotation

GeneSCF from v1.1 supports all organisms from KEGG and also from Gene Ontology. This update will have real-time funtional enrichment feature. For new updates about GeneSCF, visit hosting website:

Cite any version of GeneSCF using

Subhash S and Kanduri C. GeneSCF: a real-time based functional enrichment tool with support for multiple organisms. BMC Bioinformatics 2016, 17:365,

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Correspondance: Santhilal Subhash

Last Updated: 2016/12/28