A background subtraction based tracking algorithm using OpenCV.
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A background subtraction based tracking algorithm using OpenCV. It depends on OpenCv (http://opencv.org/) and Boost libraries (http://www.boost.org/).


In order to run the tracker, use the following command:


BlobTracker.exe -d config.cfg


./BlobTracker -d config.cfg

Config Params

config.cfg has all the configurations for running the tracker, here are the few things that you would have to change.

  * "Input_Video_Directory"         ---> where the video files are stored
  * "Input_Video_Name_List"         ---> name of the video files (comma separated)
  * "Input_Camera_ID_List"          ---> camera id for internal usage( use sequential numbers)
  * "Start_Frame_Index"             ---> starting frame for the video to be processed (0 to start from the beginning)
  * "Number_Of_Frames"              ---> number of frames to be tracked (-1 for the entire video)

  * "OutPut_Video_Directory"        ---> where the output files will be stored (also the track outputs in text format)
  * "Log_File_Name"                 ---> name of the log file (log file will be generated in the output folder)
  * "Display_Intermediate_Result"   ---> whether to display intermediate output on the dialog box or not
  * "Save_Intermediate_Result"      ---> whether to save the intermediate results on the output directory

  * "Down_Scale_Image"              ---> whether to downscale the image by a factor or 2 or not (use it for speed)

  * "FG_Train_Frames"               ---> number of frames used for training the background model


Output videos will be created in the specified output folder ("OutPut_Video_Directory").

  * input_file_name.extension_BT.avi contains the learned background video
  * input_file_name.extension_FG.avi shows the foreground region

  * input_file_name.extension_record.txt stores the tracking results in the following format:[ frameNumber, xCentroid, yCentroid, width, height, objectId, timestamp(seconds) ]


[1] Santhoshkumar Sunderrajan( santhosh@ece.ucsb.edu) Website: http://vision.ece.ucsb.edu/~santhosh/


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