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CLDR Plural Rule Evaluator

Find out the plural form for a given number in a language NPM version

Quick start

git clone


Unlike English, for many languages, the plural forms are just not 2 forms. If you look at the CLDR plural rules table you can easily understand this. The rules are defined in a particular syntax (an eg: for Russian, the plural few is applied when the rule "n mod 10 in 2..4 and n mod 100 not in 12..14;" is passed).

This tool is a demonstration of a javascript parser for the plural rules in that syntax.

For a given number in a language, this tool tells which plural form it belongs. The plural rules are taken from the CLDR data file


Demonstration of the javascript parser at:


Open up ./test/index.html in your browser.

Node module

This is also available as a node module. You can install it using:

npm install cldrpluralruleparser

Once installed it provides a command line utility named cldrpluralruleparser too.

$ cldrpluralruleparser 'n is 1' 0