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Some time ago, stopped providing URLs to download torrent files. That kind of pisses me off. So I made a simple script to download the torrent file you want. It's really easy to use.

Suppose you want to download this open-source, legal, torrent file: Linux Mint 14 KDE (64-bit)

You just need to do:

python 7955698

That will download the torrent file and will name it 7955698.torrent

If you don't want to clone the repository, or download the file you can use this command:

python  <(curl -s 7955698

That's it! Really simple. Please use it at your own risk, and don't download illegal stuff.

Disclaimer: This program is intended to use just for legal torrents (eg: Linux distros). The author has no relation with illegal downloads of copyrighted material or any other shit like that