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Source code to build my personal website

GitHub Actions Powered by Urubu

This is the source code for


The website is build using Urubu (a Python module for building static websites). An easy way to get it installed with all its dependencies is through conda environemnts. Install the Anaconda distribution and create a conda environment from the environment.yml file:

conda env create -f environment.yml

Once all packages have been installed, you can change to the new urubu environment using:

conda activate urubu

How to compile and run it locally

Using make you can compile the website: Urubu will create a _build directory where the final HTML code of the website will be located.

Then we can run make serve to serve the website locally. Open your browser on http://localhost:8000 to view it.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

After a new commit is pushed into the master branch, the website is automatically build by GitHub Actions and deployed into santisoler/ The GitHub actions workflow is configured on .github/workflows/build.yml.

Adding a new publication

When a new publication wants to be uploaded you have to create a Markdown file inside publications folder which should have the following format:

title: <title of the article>
layout: publication
date: <publication date in YYYY-MM-DD>
author: <comma separated authors defined in _site.yml>
inreview: <true or false>
    name: <name of the journal>
    url: <url of the journal website>
    doi: <doi of the version of record (not url, just doi)>
    open_access: false <true if the article is open access>
    archive: <name of the archive for the preprint>
    url: <url of the archive website>
    doi: <doi of the preprint (not url, just doi)>
    repo: <name of the repository with code (eg user/repo-name)>
    url: <url of the repository>
    doi: <doi of the supplementary material (not url, just doi)>
download: <preprint or journal>
thumbnail: <path to thumbnail image (eg /image/foo.jpg)> |
    Citation of the article in Markdown

You need to add a thumbnail for the publication that will appear on the pages that lists all publications. The path to the thumbnail should be passed to the thumbnail entry.

We can change the behaviour of the Download button by specifying the source for the article through the download entry. We could pass preprint or journal. If download is empty, the button won't be created.

We can specify if the article is under peer-review process by passing inreview as true.

Adding a new presentation

title: <title of the presentation>
layout: presentation
date: <date in YYYY-MM-DD>
author: <comma separated authors defined in _site.yml>
    name: <name of the scientific meeting where it was presented>
    url: <url of the meeting or event>
    name: <institution that organizes the meeting or event>
    url: <url of the organizer>
    repo: <name of the repository with code (eg user/repo-name)>
    url: <url of the repository>
thumbnail: <path to thumbnail image (eg /image/foo.jpg)>
license: <license as defined in _site.yml (eg cc-by)>

Adding a new teaching entry

title: <Title of the course>
layout: teaching
date: <start date in YYYY-MM-DD>
end_date: <date when the course ended (optional)>
author: <comma separated authors defined in _site.yml>
    name: <name of the institution>
    url: <url of the institution>
    name: <website of the course material>
    url: <url to the course website>
thumbnail: <path to thumbnail image (eg /image/foo.jpg)>


The source code have been written by santisoler based on Urubu's Quickstart Page and inspired on


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

CC BY 4.0


Source code for building my personal website. Powered by Urubu.




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