An example application to demonstrate Spring Security Twitter OAuth
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An example application to demonstrate Spring Security Twitter OAuth.

Requires Grails 2.4.0, Spring Security Core 2.0-RC3, Spring Security Core OAuth 2.0.2, Spring Security Core OAuth Twitter 0.1.

Get Started

  1. Setup your Twitter App. Edit Config.groovy and add the settings as shown below with the right values for your environment:
oauth {
  providers {
    twitter {
      api = org.scribe.builder.api.TwitterApi.SSL
      key = '<twitter_oauth_key>'
      secret = '<twitter_oauth_secret>'
      successUri = '/oauth/twitter/success'
      failureUri = '/oauth/twitter/error'
      callback = 'http://localhost:8080/oauthapp/oauth/twitter/callback'
  debug = true

  1. and then:
$ grails run-app


What to watch out for when building your own app?

  1. By default, Spring Security Core shuts down access to all URL's. I had to open up SpringSecurityOAuthController.groovy and OauthController.groovy to get them to work.

  2. Twitter now requires SSL when requesting an Auth Token.

  3. The generic template generated SpringSecurityController.groovy attempts to compare password hashes. That was changed.

Reach me

Santosh Dawara