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Shortcuts for Vanilla JavaScript DOM

tinix is a tiny library of shortcuts for vanilla JavaScript DOM. If all your app needs is a lightweight ajax library then tinix is for you. Only 2k minified. Supports IE9 and above.


$ npm install tinix
$ browserify -r tinix -o tinix.js
// And include tinix.js
<script type="text/javascript" src="tinix.js"></script>

Or use directly in browser from browserify-cdn

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

And in your javascript

var $ = require("tinix")


Same as document.querySelector


Same as document.querySelectorAll

$.style(selector,rootElem or null, property, value)

Changes the selector(s) to value.

$.display(selector, rootElem or null, value)

Changes the selector(s) style.display to value. eg. "none", "block" etc


Callback is called when document.readyState is complete or interactive, depending on the browser and how your scripts are loaded.

XHR functions

Callback is called with error as first argument. Second argument is responseText, or JSON object if JSON response. error will be null for success, or the XMLHttpRequest object for failure.

$.get(url, callback [,overrideMimeType])

$.post(url, body, contenttype, callback)

$.postJSON(url, body, callback)

body is json object


Returns the request object with onload set. Set request parameters and call request.send. Use if the request types provided above are not enough.


Same as <Element>.addEventListener


Iterates over a NodeList, callback is called with every element of the NodeList.

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