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AADL Translator.psf

What is the MDCF Architect?

This is a plugin for Osate 2 which translates from a selected subset of AADL into code runnable on the MDCF. It's developed by Sam Procter at K-State's SAnToS Lab. More complete documentation is available at the project website.


If you just want to use the translator, you just need to install it into OSATE2 using the update site

Building with Maven

After cloning, the translator can be built by the command "mvn install" Note that the build process requires Maven (version 3.0+) and Java (version 1.8+). If you also wish to build the documentation, you'll need Pygments (version 1.3+).

Building with Eclipse

In order to use eclipse you'll need to:

  1. Install Java 8+.
  2. Follow the steps in the "Getting Eclipse and XText Environment" section of this page.
    • Note: Don't worry about any of the other sections of this page if you're using Eclipse -- getting the sources of everything is handled automatically via the project set file.
  3. Import the project set file (AADL Translator.psf) by going to File, Import... then under "Team" select "Team Project Project"


This project, and its source, are publicly available under the EPL, unless otherwise stated in the file header.


This project uses icons from famfamfam's silk icon set, and CSS from by Brett Terpstra. The development of the MDCF Architect is supported in part by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) awards CNS-1239543, CNS-1355778, and CNS-1446544.

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