An extension for the Radiant CMS that provides tags for embedding Flickr slideshows
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FlickrTags is an extension for the Radiant CMS that provides tags for embedding Flickr slideshows and photographs in pages. You can see an example of an embedded slideshow at

The latest version is available on GitHub.

git clone git://

FlickrTags also depends on the flickr_fu gem, which in turn requires a Flickr API key. Once you've obtained your API key, put it in config/flickr.yml as follows:

key: abc123abc123abc123abc123abc123abc123abc123
secret: abc123abc123

Some of the tags require a user attribute, in which you must specify your Flickr user ID, not your Flickr screen name. If you don't know your Flickr user ID, you can look it up at

Because Flickr lookups are very slow, the results are cached for some time so changes on Flickr take a while to show up. By default this is about 1 hour. You can change this by setting FlickrTagsExtension.cache_timeout in your environment.rb like so:

config.after_initialize do FlickrTagsExtension.cache_timeout = 2.days end

Note that for this to work the value should be larger than Radiant's cache timeout (SiteController.cache_timeout) which is 5 minutes by default.


The flickr:slideshow tag embeds a slideshow into a page (using an iframe). Photographs for the slideshow can be selected using a Flickr photoset ID or a comma-separated list of Flickr tags. For example, the tag

<r:flickr:slideshow user="10622160@N00" tags="portfolio"/>

adds a slideshow of all photographs that the Flickr user with ID 10622160@N00 has tagged as portfolio. This creates an iframe like this in the page:

<iframe align="center" src="" 
  frameBorder="0" width="500" scrolling="no" height="500"></iframe>

You can combine tags into a comma-separated list to get photos that match all the tags in the list. This example would create a slideshow for all photos tagged as portfolio and 2005:

<r:flickr:slideshow user="10622160@N00" tags="portfolio,2005"/>

You can also create a slideshow from a photoset by replacing the tags attribute with the set attribute. First, get the set ID from the photoset URL. For example, if the photoset has the URL

the set ID is 548374. Then, specify the set ID in the flickr:slideshow tag

<r:flickr:slideshow user="10622160@N00" set="548374"/>


The flickr:photos tag and its related tags embed individual photos. For example,

<r:flickr:photos user="flickr-userid" limit="8" offset="1">
  <a href="<r:photo:url />"><img src="<r:photo:src size="square"/>" title="<r:photo:title />" /></a>

The flickr:photos tag also takes an optional tags attribute with a comma-separated list of Flickr tags to search. Photos that match any of the given tags will be returned.

This addition was made by Bernard Grymonpon (


The flickr:sets:each gives access to all of a user's photosets

<r:flickr:sets:each user="flickr-userid">

<r:set:title />

<r:set:description />

  • <r:photo:url />
  • </r:photos:each>


The flickr:set tag allows you to select a user's photoset by its title. You can then iterate over all the photos using r:flickr:set:photos:each. (tag names shown abbreviated here in the example).

<r:flickr:set user="flickr-userid" title="My vacation pictures">
    <img src="<r:photo:src size="square"/>" title="<r:photo:title />" />


Thanks to John Long for creating Radiant and to Flickr for providing a great photo-sharing community.

Modifications by Frank Louwers:

  • enable caching, as it takes about 8 sec to do a Flickr request...