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Energy Simulator

To see this in action, please check out to For a bit more academic background on this, please see this blog post.

Building and testing

First you'll need to build the project. This will generate all of the javascript that is required.

sbt generateJs

Due to browser's loading policies you will need to start a static-file web server in the site directory. I have not bothered setting this up in SBT and have just used python3's in-built HTTP server module:

cd site; python3 -m http.server 8000

After this go to http://localhost:8000.

You can also run the command line simulator through SBT like this (also try --help):

sbt 'libraryJVM/run -r 1000 world.yml'

Project structure

This is a ScalaJS project for a single-page application runnable in modern browsers that implements a monte carlo simulation modeling the electricity market (production, consumption, transmission, imports) of Finland. The project is structured into four separate SBT projects:

  • library that is a ScalaJS cross-project, meaning its targets are split into libraryJVM (JVM-targeted version) and libraryJS (JavaScript-targeted version). Sources for these are located in library/shared and library/jvm subdirectories (there is no JS-specific code in library).

  • worker, a JS-only project that uses the simulator core from library and wraps it into a web worker. The source code for this is in worker subdirectory.

  • ui that contains the actual user interface that runs in the browser, and code is in the ui subdirectory.

The UI component is not stand-alone, but requires some scaffolding (HTML, CSS and external resources) that is in the site subdirectory.

Missing bits and pieces

See the file. There are tons of things I have not gotten around to do.


Copyright 2017 Santeri Paavolainen.

This work is licensed under Apache 2.0 License, see LICENSE file for details.


Browser-based sandbox energy simulation of Finnish electricity market





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