Python program to convert AWS re:Invent scheduler "interests" into ICS suitable for calendar import
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AWS re:Invent session to ICS scraper

This has been tested only with re:Invent 2018 interest pages.


Run pip install -r requirements.txt either directly, or in a virtualenv.


This script does not have access to your account (at least not nicely) and since it contains some Javascript elements you first need to do some manual work:

  1. Go to your interest page
  2. Open developer console (View > Developer > Javascript console on Chrome, for example)
  3. Run the following javascript code (copy-paste into the javascript console): $('.expandSessionImg').click(); $(.'moreLink').click()
  4. Copy and paste the HTML directly (File > Save will not work) --- select Elements from the javascript console, click on the <html> element, right-click, select Copy > Copy element
  5. Save the copied element into a file (use your favourite editor)

Now you can use the saved file as input to the scraper program in this directory:

./scraper interest-page.html >calendar.ics

Finally, you can just import the ICS file into any calendar program you want.


Licensed under Apache License 2.0. See the LICENSE file for details on the license.