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Fast HTML template generator

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Fast HTML template generator

What's this?

This will assist you to create very basic HTML template for your page/application as a fast start point. Nothing fancy here, it will only allow you to choose and add scripts or styles.

How it works

There are few settings in the tabs on the left which will allow you to perform simple additions to the template that you see in front of you.



  • adding scripts to libs.json
  • updating existing scripts versions
  • improve code
  • feedback or suggesting improvement

Ether way - contributions are always welcome

For developers


  • Clone this repository git clone
  • cd html-now
  • npm install will install all dependencies and run bower
  • start local server with npm start and navigate to http://localhost:8000
  • run tests with npm test

Made using...

This was made using AngularJs, jQuery, Bower, normalize.css and Font-awesome