PhoneGap plugin to use the PayPal MECL library under iOS and Android
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This plugin lets you use the PayPal Mobile Express Checkout Library (MECL)
in a phonegap application.
This should not be confused with the Mobile Payment Libraries (MPL), for which
there's another phonegap plugin available.

What's this MECL thing?
Quoting the official documentation:

	Mobile Express Checkout Library (MECL): If you want the PayPal checkout flow to be in a browser or webview, you can use our Mobile Express Checkout Library. This is useful if you already have a express checkout integration completed for your website or if app store policies require you to complete your checkout flow in a browser. This library will help you integrate the mobile web flow into your app.

These are the key features and benefits of the MECL library:
	* In-app payments
	* Quick integration
	* Credit card checkout (no PayPal account needed)
	* Supports auth/settle payments
	* Supports Recurring Payments

In order to successfully exploit the Express Checkout flow, you should use
the ChildBrowser plugin in conjunction with this one.

The MECLPayPalPlugin comes in two flavors: iOS and Android.
See the documentation in each platform directory.