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This is the thing that updates the "node in the industry" section on the node homepage, by picking 4 items at random.

Hey! We use node! Can I get my company on here?


Send your request in the form of a pull request. It must add a folder at data/<mycompany> (where <mycompany> is the name of your company), containing a quote.html file, and a logo.png file.

The quote.html file should be just like the others: about 20 words explaining why node is a good fit at your company, from a technical leader at your company, with a link to an appropriate page, preferrably containing more info about your use of node. Longer quotes may be truncated or exerpted or rejected, at Joyent's sole discretion. The HTML markup in the quote.html may be modified if necessary, at the sole discretion of Joyent and the Node.js Project.

The logo.png file MUST be 34px tall, and no more than 170px wide. It should be JUST your official company logo and the (R) or (TM) symbol, in a single color: rgb(210,216,186) on rgb(51,52,45), with appropriate antialiasing. It MUST NOT contain any additional texture, taglines, highlighting. It may be edited to better accomodate the needs of the web page design, or for any othe reason, at the sole discretion of Joyent and the Node.js Project.

By submitting this request, you are giving Joyent, Inc. permission to use the supplied logo on the "Node.js in the Industry" section of the nodejs.org homepage, and to make any such modifications as Joyent deems necessary or appropriate for the context. Joyent is not obligated to include your company logo and link on the nodejs.org home page, and will do so at the sole discretion of Joyent and the Node.js Project.

If you would like it removed, simply send a pull request removing it from the git repository, and it will be removed from the site promptly.

No other relationship between your company and Joyent is implied or required.