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SproutCore Guides

This is the official documentation for the SproutCore framework.

Go to SproutCore Guides homepage and check it out.

Getting Started

In order to start contributing, follow these steps:

  • git clone git://

  • Normal gem install

To install the guides gem, just use:

$ gem install guides
  • Installing with bundler

Alternatively you can use the normal bundler workflow to develop the guides. This has the benefit of making sure you are using the correct version of the guides gem for development.

To install with bundler:

$ gem install bundler
$ cd sproutguides
$ bundle install --binstubs

Once you've completed these steps, you're ready to start working with SproutCore Guides. You'll do most of your work inside the source/ directory. To see your changes as you work, run guides preview. By default, preview will show guides and content that is still under construction. Under construction content is not displayed on, if you would like to see what content will be deployed run guides preview --production.

For more information on SproutCore Guides, see the homepage.

If you have any questions, the team can be reached at @sproutcore or #sproutcore