Elefant, the refreshingly simple new PHP web framework and CMS.
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Elefant is a refreshingly simple PHP content management system and web framework. Elefant is a fast, lean tool for building everything from simple websites to complete web applications.

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Installation help & documentation

Elefant has extensive documentation including installation instructions, user manual, designer guides, and developer tutorials here:

You can also find help on our community forum or IRC chat room here:

Built for designers

Compiled, ultra-fast templates

Elefant compiles your templates into secure PHP code, so rendering is as fast as possible.

Dead simple, concise template tags

Familiar syntax to other template languages, with some added conveniences for dynamic embeds and internationalization.

Clean, easy to use site editor for your users

Elefant comes out of the box with a full-featured CMS for your users. You can even white label it.

Syntax highlighted template and CSS editor

Sophisticated in-browser editing with highlights and references at your finger tips.

Live preview while editing templates and CSS

Preview in real time as you make changes. Or if you prefer, edit files directly with your editor of choice.

Integrates with 960 grid system and jQuery

Or any other CSS grid system, giving you complete control over your designs.

Built for developers

Quickly built custom apps

With all the tools you need, and a very low learning curve, Elefant gets you writing code quickly.

Extensively documented

Including full API reference, cheat sheets, tutorials, and much more.

Strong security by default

Flexible input validation and automatic prevention of XSS, SQL injection, CSRF, and other types of attacks.

Very fast and low memory

Elefant uses less memory per request than any of the major frameworks, so you can serve more visitors with the same resources.

Good debugging tools

Debug mode prints full traces with highlighted source code and variable state to help you fix bugs faster.

Minimalist MVC/Model2 architecture

Elefant takes a unique but proven approach that helps minimize boilerplate without sacrificing code organization as your project grows.

Shared apps to save you time

From blogs to user management, events to search, Elefant saves you time not reinventing the wheel with high quality shared apps.

Thoroughly unit-tested

Elefant's core framework is covered by extensive unit tests, ensuring a stable base to build on.


Elefant apps are automatically i18n aware, with built-in multilingual capabilities and locale awareness.

More developer goodness

Elefant builds on over 12 years of PHP experience, and aims to simplify rapid PHP development again. As such, Elefant takes into consideration all the little details to help you work faster and better:

Try it out

Download the latest release or try the online demo.


Q. Do you know you spelt Elephant wrong?

A. This was my attempt at being hip and cool. No good?

Q. Isn't Elefant a bit of an oxymoron for a slim framework?

A. Why, yes. Yes it is.