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An iPhone / iPad / Android application framework
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What this will hopefully become is the following:

  • A simple semantic set of HTML5 templates to use for iPhone / iPad UI elements and associated CSS
  • Pure CSS3 animations for various transitions
  • A miniature build of MooTools
  • Simple API for Audio and Video embedding, geolocation & maps API
  • Helpers for common application tasks using local storage

Further down the line I would hope to also include:

  • More themes / theming support
  • A simple iPhone application project, which basically runs a HTML5 site wrapped in a Safari frame
  • More complex application functionality (for instance user login / authentication)
  • Sample .NET MVC / PHP projects

HTML5 Templates

Pretty obvious really but nice simple Object Oriented CSS for all common UI elements, such as forms, tabs, menus, lists etc. I would try and recreate a few native apps (like settings, photos, contacts, iTunes) to ensure it works.

Wherever possible I would take advantage of Mobile Safari's HTML5 support particularly with forms. A great way to learn about this!


            <input type="text" placeholder="Enter bar here" />

<div class="list>
        <li><a href="path/to/file.htm" class="slide in">Bar</a></li>

CSS3 Animations

I would like to make things like cubed page groups, the ability to slide back and along like switching pages in Safari, and the album artwork viewer in iTunes.

I also want a simple way to link pages or panels with these transitions - simple classes and a panel handler in MooTools. Some examples of the classes I'm thinking of:

  • fade in
  • slide direction
  • flip round, flip direction
  • travel (?) direction(index) - like in Mobile Safari, going from tab 1 to tab 6

Mini MooTools

Hopefully we can get a mobile webkit build of MooTools - it would be so tiny. Especially

More info soon!

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