The smtpmail library provides a simple class like interface for sending E-Mails over SMTP from a C language program.
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The smtpmail library provides a simple interface for sending E-Mails over a SMTP server from a C or C++ language program. I can be included in the source code directly or just dynamically linked as a DLL or .so file. A common use would be in mailing software (e.g. Newsletter programs or E-mail clients).


  • A working C/C++ compiler and linker (of course)
  • openssl development libraries


smtpmail is intended to be simple and so there is no complex framework or API. The only and most important features are:

  • Send mail to one or more recipients
  • Support of TLS servers
  • Unfortunately it is much work to implement all the wishes I have and so there are also plans for the future:

Support for gMail: For now it is not possible to log in with your Googlemail account credentials. Though TLS is supported, Google seems to want more at authentication.

To send HTML mails: Unfortunately smtpmail cannot send HTML formatted mails. It will handle them, but in every test no HTML mail ever reached the recipient.

To do

  • SSL support
  • Better TLS support


Compile the library and test program:


Compile shared library:

make shared


Include the library

#include "smtpMail.h"

Inizialize a simple mail object

struct smtpMail *mail;
char *from = "";
char *to = "";
char *sub = "Subject";
char *body = "The mail body";

mail = smtpMail_init(from, to, sub, body);

Send the mail object

unsigned char res;
char *server = "YOUR_SMTP_SERVER"; /* Your SMTP server */
char *user = "YOUR_USERNAME"; /* Your username */
char *pass = "YOUR_PASSWORD"; /* Your password */

res = smtpMail_send(mail, server, 25, user, pass);

if( res == SMTP_ERR_NOERROR ) {
	printf("Mail successfully sent to: %s!\n", mail->to);
} else {
	fprintf(stderr, "There was an error sending the mail: %d\n", res);

See the testMail.c file for a full example.