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Space Invaders 👾

Space Invaders in vanilla JavaScript.

I used this guide to help set the specs for the feature set. See the features list, which is basically a roadmap for this project. So far, I've only done one of the dozens of features!!

It's deployed here. Give it a whirl!

Getting started

Install dependencies:

npm install

Run the app in dev mode:

npm start

This should open the app in a browser, but if it doesn't, take a look at http://localhost:8080/

Lint the code:

npm run lint

This checks for a (very few) usage rules, and then enforces a code style using Prettier. My philosophy is to keep the linting very simple. I'll add more linting rules if and when they solve a problem that I'm actually having.

Build for production:

npm run build

Grab the stuff from ./dist and take it on the road.


Use the arrow keys to move your laser left and right. Hit the spacebar to fire a missile.


My goal is to stick to basic JavaScript. No frameworks, no libraries. I'm using Webpack, but added nothing beyond the most basic loaders needed to compile the js and html.

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