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Prometheus exporter for metrics and alerts from ThousandEyes.
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Prometheus exporter for alerts from ThousandEyes. The port 9350 was chosen because someone already reserved it for a ThousandEyes exporter that was supposed to be coming soon but has not been published up to November 2018.

Environment & Arguments

Needs an ENV VAR "THOUSANDEYES_TOKEN" set to a valid ThousandEyes token to be able to query.

You can set the period of time it queries into the past with -retrospectionPeriod, e.g. -retrospectionPeriod 12h. Large values do not make much sense, because we do not get data about when they started or ended. Just that they existed.


  1. make build

  2. Run

  • Normal Run to get actual alerts firing: docker run --rm -p 9350:9350 -e "THOUSANDEYES_TOKEN= secret_api_bearer_token " $(IMAGE):$(VERSION)

  • Run getting alerts from the past - makes only sense for Check/Debug purpose: docker run --rm -p 9350:9350 -e "THOUSANDEYES_TOKEN= secret_api_bearer_token " $(IMAGE):$(VERSION) retrospectionPeriod=1800h

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