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A concourse resource for interacting with OpenStack Swift
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Concourse resource for OpenStack Swift

Versions objects in a Swift container, by pattern-matching filenames to identify version numbers.

This resource is heavily inspired by the official S3 resource

Adding to your pipeline

To use the Swift Resource, you must declare it in your pipeline as a resource type:

- name: swift
  type: docker-image
    repository: databus23/concourse-swift-resource

Alternativly add resource with BOSH to Concourse

In your bosh deployment manifest, add to the following to the groundcrew.additional_resource_types:

- image: docker:///databus23/concourse-swift-resource
  type: swift

Source Configuration

  • auth_url: Required. The url for authentication (Keystone)

  • username: Required. The username to use when accessing the container.

  • api_key: Required. The password of the given user.

  • domain: Required. The domain of the user

  • tenant_id: Required. The project id

  • container: Required The swift container

  • regex: Required The pattern to match filenames against. The first grouped match is used to extract the version. The extracted version needs to be parseable by go-version

  • disable_tls_verify: Disable certificate verification for https connections to keystone and swift. Default: false


check: Extract versions from the container.

Objects will be found via the pattern configured by regex. The versions will be used to order them (using semver). Each object's filename is the resulting version.

in: Fetch an object from the container.

Places the following files in the destination:

  • $objectname: The object fetched from the container.
  • filename: Contains the filename of the fetched object ($objectname).
  • version: Contains the version extracted from the file name.



out: Upload an object to the container.

Given a path specified by from, upload it to the Swift container. The path must identify a single file. The filename must conform to the regex specified in the resource.


  • from: Required. A regexp specifying the file to upload.

  • segment_container : Optional Name of the container where segments should be stored. Segments will be created for files larger than 1 GB. (Default: ${container}_segments)

  • segment_size: Optional Size of segments (Default: 1073741824 Byte) (1 GB)

  • delete_after: Optional Instruct Swift to schedule automatic deletion of the Object in nseconds (Default: disabled). Useful to define Object retention policies.

Example Configuration


- name: myapp
  type: swift
    username: user
    api_key: secret
    domain: somedomain
    container: mycontainer
    regex: myapp-([.0-9])+\.tgz
    tenant_id: tenantid


- get: myapp
- put: myapp
    from: a-task/build/path/file-(.*).tgz
    segment_container: mysegmentcontainer
    segment_size: 1073741824
    delete_after: 3600
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