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Kubernikus is "Kubernetes as a Service" for Openstack.

It allows to easily manage Kubernetes clusters that are natively integrated with Openstack. The architecture is designed to facilitate the operation as a managed service.


  • Architectured to be operated as a managed service
  • Masters are managed centrally
  • Nodes are decentralized in customer's projects
  • 100% Vanilla Kubernetes
  • 100% Compatible Openstack API
  • Air-Gapped Masters and Nodes
  • Full TLS encryption between all components
  • Auto-Updating nodes based on CoreOS Container Linux
  • Authentication Tooling
  • Unified Authorization Policy between Openstack and Kubernetes RBAC

Guiding Principles

  • Running Kubernetes using Kubernetes
  • Automation is driven by Operators
  • Cloud Native Tooling: Golang, Helm, Swagger, Prometheus


  • Openstack (including LBaaS)
  • Kubernetes Seed-Cluster (1.7+)


More documentation can be found at:


This project is licensed under the Apache2 License - see the LICENSE file for details