DEPRECATED. Updates Bower components to the really latest versions.
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DEPRECATED: Please use npm-check-updates

npm-check-updates supports bower as of v2.3.0. It has many useful features and is well-maintained.

$ npm install -g npm-check-updates
$ npm-check-updates --packageManager bower   # or 'ncu -m bower' for short


Build Status

Updates Bower project’s components to the really latest versions, no matter what bower.json requires.

For example if your bower.json requires jQuery ~2.0.0 standard bower update command will install 2.0.9 but not 2.1.0. bower-update will install 2.1.0, 3.0.0, etc.


npm install -g bower-update


Just cd to your project’s root folder (where your bower.json is located) and run:

bower-update [--non-interactive]



bower-update will not ask you before updating any components.


The changelog can be found in the file.


The MIT License, see the included file.