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Git Awesomeness


  • git agit add
  • git uagit reset HEAD (unadd)
  • git cgit commit
  • git cagit commit -a
  • git cmgit commit -m
  • git camgit commit -am
  • git cnegit commit --no-edit
  • git cogit checkout
  • git dgit diff --color-words
  • git sgit status -sb
  • git new → Start a git-flow feature.
  • git done → Finish a git-flow feature in the current branch.
  • git go → Checkout branch and pull.
  • git master → Checkout master branch.
  • git develop → Checkout develop branch.
  • git mmm → Merge master into the current branch.
  • git ddd → Merge develop into the current branch.
  • git l → Simple one-line-per-commit log.
  • git ll → Log with list of changed files for each commit.
  • git wtf → List of files with unresolved Git conflicts..
  • git my → List of all my commits.



Stash any local changes, pull from remote using rebase, updates submodules, pop your stash, then run bundle install and/or npm install if necessary.


Push your changes to the remote + copy a sexy diff URL like…5daed4 to your clipboard (works on Mac and Linux).

branch [name]

Switch branches or create new local branch if it doesn’t exist. Intelligently sets up remote branch tracking so you can just type git pull and not always git pull origin newbranch. If no argument specified will list all local and remote branches.

merge [name]

Merge the specified branch into the current branch. Rebases first if the branch is local-only.


See git extras --help or documentation for all available commands.


See hub help or documentation for all available commands.