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Visual Studio Code settings

Enable synchronization

rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Code/User
ln -s ~/dotfiles/vscode/User ~/Library/Application\ Support/Code/User

Install command line helper

Run “Install 'code' command in PATH” from the command palette (View → Command Palette) to make Code available from the command line.

Installed plugins

Missing features

  • Show whitespace on text selection (tabs, spaces, etc.) like in Sublime Text — #1477 there’s an acceptable workaround
  • workbench.action.quickOpen should preselect previous file by default (not current one) like in JetBrains — #6923 a new command workbench.action.quickOpenPreviousEditor does exactly this
  • Really working reopening of all files on restart (only works if I open a folder but stopped to work as soon as I open a file from command line) — #207
  • Sane status bar color — #1884