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Marmot (mrm)

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Command line tool to help you keep dotfiles (.gitignore, .eslintrc, etc.) of all your open source projects in sync.


  • Will not overwrite your data if you don’t want it to
  • Has tools to work with JSON, YAML, INI, Markdown and text files
  • Has bunch of customizable tasks (see the list below)
  • Easy to write your own tasks


Most of the available tools are template based. It works moderately well for new project generation but doesn’t work well for updating. Marmot’s approach is closer to codemods than templates.


npm install -g mrm


  • mrm — Print list of tasks
  • mrm <task> — Run tasks

(You will need a configuration file first.)


Create ~/.mrm/config.json or ~/dotfiles/mrm/config.json:

    "name": "Tobias Müller",
    "email": "",
    "url": "",
    "github": "tobias2000",
    "indent": "tab", // "tab" or number of spaces
    "readme": "", // Name of readme file
    "license": "", // Name of license file
    "aliases": {  // Aliases to run multiple tasks at once
        "node": ["license", "readme", "package", "editorconfig", "eslint", "gitignore"]



Adds .editorconfig.


Adds .eslintrc, adds npm script and installs dependencies.

Config options:

  • eslintPreset — preset name (not npm package name, by default will install eslint:recommended preset)


Adds .gitignore with node_modules, logs and artifacts of popular code editors.


Adds MIT license file.


Adds lint-staged: creates .lintstagedrc, sets up pre-commit Git hook and installs dependencies.


Creates package.json.


Creates Readme file.


Creates .travis.yml and adds Travis CI badge to Readme.

Custom tasks

Create either ~/.mrm/<taskname>/index.js or ~/dotfiles/mrm/<taskname>/index.js. If <taskname> is the same as one of the internal tasks, then your task will override internal one:

const { /* ... */ } = require('mrm-core');
module.exports = function(config) {
  // config('name', 'default value') - config value
  // config() - all config values
module.exports.description = 'Task description';

If your custom tasks have dependencies (such as mrm-core) you should initialize the mrm folder as an npm module, and set your dependencies there:

cd ~/.mrm
# or: cd ~/dotfiles/mrm
npm init -y
npm install --save mrm-core

See mrm-core library for useful functions for your tasks.

You can find some examples here or check code of internal tasks.

Change log

The change log can be found on the Releases page.


Everyone is welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the contributing guidelines.

Authors and license

Artem Sapegin and contributors.

MIT License, see the included file.