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React Components Catalog

Inspired by the awesome-react-components but lists only the components I or contributors use themeselves and can recommend. I believe 15 date picker components for React can’t be awesome and you still have no idea which one you should use.

UI components

Component libraries

  • react-bootstrap — great project but the CSS is from original Bootstrap, so never use in a project with custom design.
  • material-ui — components that implement Google’s Material Design.
  • semantic-ui-react — framework that helps create beautiful, responsive layouts.


Date/time picker


Autosize textarea

  • react-textarea-autosize — replacement for the textarea element which automatically resizes textarea as content changes.

Masked input

  • react-input-mask — input masking with attention to small usability details with cursor position, copy-paste, etc.

Rich text and code editing


See #1 for discussion.

  • simple-markdown — very small (4 KB, ~10 times smaller than alternatives), no HTML support.
  • markdown-to-jsx — a simple-markdown fork with HTML support, GFM task lists and syntax highlight.


  • Reactabular — very flexible framework to work with tables.

Grids and whitespace

  • react-spaceman — manage whitespace inside components and between components.
  • Rebass Grid — responsive React grid system built with styled-components
  • Stack Styled — make stack layouts easy



  • react-hotkeys — declarative hotkey and focus area management.

UI utilities


  • decko — bind, debounce and memoize decorators.

Dev tools

Other tools

  • Spectacle — React based presentation library.

Removed components

These components were removed from the list, I can no longer recommend them. Feel free to send a pull request if the issue was fixed.

  • react-dimensions — higher-order component to get dimensions of container abandoned
  • react-combo-keys — global hotkeys react-hotkeys supports global hotkeys now
  • react-codemirror — CodeMirror component — replaced with react-codemirror2

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Suggestions are welcome: just create an issue if you know something better than what I use.

Author and license

Artem Sapegin, a frontend developer at Wayfair and the creator of React Styleguidist. I also write about frontend at my blog.

CC0 1.0 Universal license, see the included file.