Saplo Java Client implementing latest Saplo API version (currently 2.0)
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This is an official Java client for the Saplo-API.




    // Connect to the Saplo-API
    SaploClient client = new SaploClient.Builder("API_KEY","SECRET_KEY").build();

    // Connect to the Saplo-API using a proxy
    ClientProxy proxy = new ClientProxy("host", 8080, "username", "password");
    SaploClient client = new SaploClient.Builder("API_KEY","SECRET_KEY").proxy(proxy).build();
    // Get a manager to work with Collections
    SaploCollectionManager collectionMgr = client.getCollectionManager();
    // alternatively: SaploCollectionManager collectionMgr = new SaploCollectionManager(client);

    // Create a new collection and store it in the API
    SaploCollection myCollection = new SaploCollection("My Collection Name", Language.en);
    // After a collection is successfully created, it is populated with an ID 
    int collectionId = myCollection.getId();
    // Get a manager to handle Text
    SaploTextManager textMgr = client.getTextManager();
    // alternatively: SaploTextManager textMgr = new SaploTextManager(client);
    // Create and save new Text
    SaploText myText = new SaploText(myCollection, "Body of My Text, but more meaningful");
    // After a text is successfully created, it is populated with an ID
    int textId = myText.getId();
    // Extract Tags from your text (make sure you have already saved the text into the API)
    List<SaploTag> myTags = textMgr.tags(myText);
    // or alternatively
    List<SaploTag> myTags = textMgr.tags(collectionId, textId);
    // Print out the tags extracted
    for(SaploTag tag : myTags) {
    	System.out.println("Category: \"" + tag.getCategory() + "\"" + "\tTag: \"" + tag.getTagWord() + "\"");
    // Shut down the client

For the rest of the API methods and examples, refer to

Building from source

Create jar file:

mvn package