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Issue reporting

  • Please be as descriptive as possible about your problem. "Stuff doesn't work" won't help us to help you.
  • When reporting an issue, provide a jsfiddle example (or something like it, such as codepen) which reproduces your problem.
  • Always state the following key points:
    • What were you trying to accomplish? (Infinite scroll, subscribe to click events, ...)
    • What steps did you take? (Use Ink.Dom.Element.inViewport, try to capture the domready event, ...)
    • What results did you expect, instead of what you see now?
    • What version of Ink are you using?

We're a small team and have other projects in our hands so, we'll try to at least give you some feedback on issues, even if it's just a comment on a maximum of 3 business days. Please be patient.

Contributing with code

We'd love to have your contribution so, here's a quick guide:

  1. Fork our repository
  2. Do your work on the develop branch


  1. To make sure your changes don't break anything run grunt test. We'll only accept pull requests that pass unit tests.
  2. Add a test for your changes. If you are adding functionality or fixing a bug, you have to write tests!
  3. Make sure all tests are passing.
  4. Push to your fork and submit a pull request.

Style guide

  1. No tabs. Use four spaces for indentation.
  2. Use camel case for method names.
  3. Private/internal methods must start with underscore, e.g. _onClick: function(e){...}
  4. Component names are camel cased and start with a capital letter, e.g. Ink.Ext.MyPhotoGallery
  5. All Ink code should pass grunt jshint to ensure code quality and maintainability. Use inline directives only if you have a good reason to.
  6. (If you're adding a new component) Add your new components under the Ink.Ext namespace with Ink.createExt():
    Ink.createExt('MyAwesomeModule', 1, ['Ink.Dom.Event_1'], function(InkEvent) {
      var MyAwesomeModule = function() {
      MyAwesomeModule.prototype = {
          _init: function() {
          _doStuff: function() {
              alert('Doing stuff in MyAwesomeModule');
              /* ... */
      return MyAwesomeModule;


  1. To Make sure your changes don't break compilation, run grunt css.
  2. Push to your fork and submit a pull request. Please be as descriptive as possible about the reason for your changes.

Style guide

We're not really strict with Sass code but adhering to these guidelines will help us:

  1. Two spaces, no tabs.
  2. Try to declare each css property on a single line.
  3. Use shorthand declarations whenever possible;
  4. Check if compass already has a @mixin for what you need before writing new ones.


Our documentation is built with Jekyll. Get familiar with it.

  1. Changes to the documentation must me submitted to this separate repository.