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This project began as an experiment in automated data publication. The original requirement came from a need to publish Jira issues in a complex project with a multi-tabbed screen layout. Publishing to templated Confluence wiki pages, one per issue, seemed like the best solution.

The software here just addresses this one use case at the moment: Jira data in, Confluence wiki pages out. Other inputs could come from build servers, like Bamboo or Jenkins, company intranets, or any other RESTful web service. Output could be to various destinations: web servers, any kind of wiki, or even just to text files on the file system.

Deployment, Use & Development

Detailed information for system administrators (deployers) and day-to-day users is on these pages:

Builds & Releases

Build logs sappho-data-publisher @ Travis CI
Gem deployment sappho-data-publisher @ RubyGems.org


This software is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.

Feature Requests and Bug reports

Please raise requests for new features, and bug reports, to the project bug tracker.