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Sapus Tongue project
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Classes DebugPhysics button is part of the HUD
Resources-Mac SapusTongue v4.4
Resources Upgraded to cocos2d-v2.1-beta2-pre
SapusTongue-iOS.xcodeproj Uses cocos2d v2.1-rc0
SapusTongue-mac.xcodeproj DebugPhysics button is part of the HUD
libs Uses cocos2d v2.1-rc0
.gitignore updates gitignore (removes XCode noise)
CHANGELOG Uses cocos2d v2.1-rc0
Entitlements.plist Initial commit.
LICENSE_Assets.txt Using new license
LICENSE_Chipmunk.txt Using new license
LICENSE_CocosDenshion.txt Using new license
LICENSE_Kazmath.txt Using new license
LICENSE_SapusTongue.txt Using ChipmunkSprite.
LICENSE_cocos2d.txt Using new license Update

Sapus Tongue

Open Source

Sapus Tongue is an open source project that uses cocos2d-iphone and Chipmunk.

You can use all the Sapus Tongue source code as long as you comply with its license (MIT).


  • You can use the source code for your own game.
  • You can use as much or as little source code as you want.
  • But you are NOT allowed most of its assets (graphics, sounds, icons, etc.) for commercial purposes. If in doubt, read the LICENSE_Assets.txt file.


Although this source code is used to test cocos2d-iphone, parts of the code do not follow some of the new iOS / cocos2d-iphone best practices. Use the source code at your own risk.

How to run it

Where to start ?

  1. Open the Xcode project, and run it: SapusTongue-iOS.xcodeproj for iOS SapusTongue-mac.xcodeproj for OS X

Download from github

$ git clone git://
$ cd Sapus-Tongue
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
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