Todo List built using Vue, Google Auth, and Firestore as DB.
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A basic todo SPA built using Vue with Google Authentication and Google Firestore as a database. It allows you to manage all of your todos and organize them into different categories.

🚀 Setting Up the Application

Make sure you have npm working.

  • Clone the repo.
  • Set the environment variables in .env file. To get the values, set up a Google Firebase project.
  • Update .firebaserc file and add your firebase project id there.
  • Set up the Firebase tools locally.
    • Install Firebase CLI using the following command.
    npm install -g firebase-tools
    • Login into firebase using following command.
    firebase login
  • Run following command to deploy the project on firebase. It will create dist folder, deploy it, and generate a URL for you.
    npm run deploy

📸 App Screenshot

Below is preview of how the app looks like. No framework used and I wrote the CSS from scratch. 😎


Released under GNU GPLv2.0 or later license.

→ Feel free to tweet and say 👋 at me @MrSaqibAmeen