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<p> Firmly grasp the top of the womb, and gently move it back and forth.</p>
<p> The baby's bottom is soft and wide. When you move it from side to side, the whole body moves with it.</p>
<p class="clear">
<img src="images/MW0254F.png" class="hm-content-imgleft" width="116">
<p> The baby's head is harder and smaller. When you move the head, the neck bends, and the body does not move much.</p>
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<span class="hm-content-strong">Related information:</span>
<a href="Baby_is_lying_sideways.html" rel="external" data-role="button" data-theme="c">If the baby is sideways</a>
<a href="How_to_change_babys_position.html" rel="external" data-role="button" data-theme="c">Exercise to change the baby's position</a>
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