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Getting help


Perhaps you are puzzled with something and seek for help on :abbr:`Spider (Symbiotic Platform(s) for Interoperable Data Extraction and Redistribution)`. In this page you will find:

  • our Helpdesk details
  • how to get expert advice for project challenges
  • the most commonly asked questions and workarounds for known issues
  • some tutorial as prerequisites to use the platform


If you run into problems and cannot find an answer in our :ref:`contents` or the :ref:`FAQ`, we encourage you to contact our experts who are there to support the :abbr:`Spider (Symbiotic Platform(s) for Interoperable Data Extraction and Redistribution)` users. Send us an email with your question at:

Find more about SURFsara support availability and response times here.


Our support team is specialized in advising on data processing strategies and collaborative data analysis. Over the years the team has gained experience in many unique projects, all requiring a unique combination of generic components to implement their ideal data processing setup. Our team is available to support a range of proven solutions for each problem:

  • off-the-shelf data staging processes from a variety of (external) storage systems
  • off-the-shelf processing orchestration processes
  • specialized consultancy for automated production pipes


I cannot login after adding/changing my ssh keys

If you added or changed your SSH key on the SURFsara portal, access to the login node may not be immediately possible. It can take up to 15 minutes to be able to login to :abbr:`Spider (Symbiotic Platform(s) for Interoperable Data Extraction and Redistribution)`. In case that it takes longer time, please contact us at :ref:`helpdesk <helpdesk>`.


.. seealso:: Still need help? Contact :ref:`our helpdesk <helpdesk>`