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To keep the system healthy we need sometimes to interrupt the platform for maintenance. In this page you will find:

  • our change log
  • the current status of the platform & the maintenances log
  • our downtime policy

Change log

To make it easier for users to see what notable changes have been made in the system between maintenances and releases of :abbr:`Spider (Symbiotic Platform(s) for Interoperable Data Extraction and Redistribution)` we keep a chronologically ordered list of notable changes. The changes can be found in :ref:`change_log_list`.

Maintenance windows

Current status

Up and running

Future maintenances

Status (Scheduled/Unscheduled) Date (start / end) comment

Past maintenances

(most recent first)

Status (Scheduled/Unscheduled) Date (start / end) comment
Scheduled 15/02/2021-23/02/2021 New Spider release. See :ref:`maintenance-instructions`


All :abbr:`Spider (Symbiotic Platform(s) for Interoperable Data Extraction and Redistribution)` users are notified in advance for the scheduled maintenance windows. Exceptions to this policy are made in the following cases:

  • Urgent changes are needed for the continuity of the platform
  • Patches for high-risk security issues

In these cases, the changes will be applied as soon as needed, even outside maintenance windows.

.. seealso:: Still need help? Contact :ref:`our helpdesk <helpdesk>`