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;; General version accepting arbitrary number of arguments
(define (apply-generic op . args)
(let ((type-tags (map type-tag args)))
(define (typecasts typelist) ; tries to find a typecast function for every
(if (empty? typelist) ; type recursively, returns list of functions
(error "Cannot coerce all arguments to same type")
(let* ((targettype (car typelist))
(proclist (map (λ (typepair) (apply get-coercion typepair))
(map (λ (type) (cons type (list targettype)))
(if (empty? (filter false? proclist))
(typecasts (cdr typelist))))))
(let ((proc (get op type-tags)))
(if proc
(apply proc (map contents args))
(if (all-same? type-tags) ; added clause
(error "Matching types, but no operation available"
(list op type-tags))
(apply apply-generic (cons op (map (λ (f arg)
(f arg))
(typecasts type-tags)
;; This indeed attempts to apply the operation to arguments only when
;; the arguments are all the same type. As an example of legal operation
;; with different argument types would be exponentiating a real number
;; with a complex number or vice versa. Current system remains blind
;; to this possibility.
;; Tests
(define (install-3-argument-add)
(define (tag z) (attach-tag 'complex z))
(define (add-complex z1 z2 z3)
(make-from-real-imag (+ (real-part z1) (real-part z2) (real-part z3))
(+ (imag-part z1) (imag-part z2) (imag-part z3))))
(put 'add '(complex complex complex)
(lambda (z1 z2 z3) (tag (add-complex z1 z2 z3))))
(apply-generic 'add c2 c1 c1) ; '(complex rectangular 7.0 . 9.0)
(apply-generic 'add c1 num1 num1) ; '(complex rectangular 27 . 4)
(apply-generic 'add num1 num2 c1) ; '(complex rectangular 19 . 4)
(apply-generic 'add num2 c2 c1) ; '(complex rectangular 8.0 . 5.0)
((get-coercion 'scheme-number 'complex) num2)
((get-coercion 'scheme-number 'scheme-number) num1)
((get-coercion 'complex 'complex) c2)
;; Debugging constructs
(define (extract-types op . args)
(map type-tag args))
(extract-types 'a num1 num2 c2)
(define cproclist
(map (λ (typepair) (apply get-coercion typepair))
(map (λ (type) (cons type (list 'complex)))
(extract-types 'a num1 num2 c2))))
(if (empty? (filter false? cproclist))
(apply apply-generic
(cons 'add (map (λ (coercionproc arg)
(coercionproc (eval arg)))
'(num1 num2 c1))))
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