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;; First, we draw ourselves a clear picture of the current type tower.
;; If the tower changes, we just need to call 'build-type-tower' again.
;; testnum is typed number,
;; rank is type's "floor number",
;; tower is a hashmap
(define (build-type-tower testnum rank tower)
(let ((next-up (raise testnum))
(type (type-tag testnum)))
(hash-set! tower type rank)
(if (eq? type (type-tag next-up))
(build-type-tower next-up (add1 rank) tower))))
;; This probes the type hierarchy by successively raising the given
;; test number's type higher until top is reached. Highest type is
;; it's own supertype, e.g. (raise 'complex) -> 'complex. The procedure
;; returns a hashmap, where type is the key and height in type hierarchy
;; is the value.
(define type-tower
(build-type-tower (make-integer 2) 1 (make-hash)))
type-tower ; '#hash((integer . 1) (rational . 2) (real . 3) (complex . 4))
(hash-ref type-tower 'integer false) ; 1
(hash-ref type-tower 'real false) ; 3
(define (apply-generic op . args)
(let ((type-tags (map type-tag args)))
(let ((proc (get op type-tags)))
(if proc
(apply proc (map contents args))
(if (all-same? type-tags)
(error "Matching types, but no operation available"
(list op type-tags))
(if (= (length args) 2)
(let ((type1 (car type-tags))
(type2 (cadr type-tags))
(a1 (car args))
(a2 (cadr args))) ; major changes below this line
(let ((rank1 (hash-ref type-tower type1 false))
(rank2 (hash-ref type-tower type2 false)))
((not rank1) (error "No such type" type1))
((not rank2) (error "No such type" type2))
(define (raise-until targettype num)
(if (eq? (type-tag num) targettype)
(raise-until targettype (raise num))))
(if (< rank1 rank2)
(let ((raised-a1 (raise-until type2 a1)))
(apply-generic op raised-a1 a2))
(let ((raised-a2 (raise-until type1 a2)))
(apply-generic op a1 raised-a2)))))))
(error "I need two arguments, given" (length args))))))))
;; Tests
;; Just checking a subprocedure from apply-generic:
(let ((raisable (make-integer 7)))
(define (raise-until targettype num)
(if (eq? (type-tag num) targettype)
(raise-until targettype (raise num))))
(raise-until 'real raisable))
; '(real . 7.0)
(add r1 (make-real 14.6)) ; '(real . 15.35)
(mul c2 c1 r2) ; procedure mul: expects 2 arguments, given 3
(apply-generic 'add r1 c1) ; '(complex rectangular 3.75 . 4)
(apply-generic 'sub (make-integer 9) r1) ; '(rational 33 . 4)
(apply-generic 'div (make-real 4.8) (make-integer -2)) ; '(real . -2.4)
(apply-generic 'add r1 c1 c2 r2) ; I need two arguments, given 4
(apply-generic 'mul (make-integer 3) (make-integer 7)) ; '(integer . 21)