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;; We define these generic operations:
(define (square x) (apply-generic 'square x))
(define (sine x) (apply-generic 'sine x))
(define (cosine x) (apply-generic 'cosine x))
(define (atangent x) (apply-generic 'atangent x))
;; Then add these rows to the primitive numbers package:
(put 'square (list type) sqr)
(put 'sine (list type) sin)
(put 'cosine (list type) cos)
(put 'atangent (list type) atan)
;; And these to rational package:
(put 'square '(rational)
(lambda (r) (sqr (/ (numer r) (denom r)))))
(put 'sine '(rational)
(lambda (r) (sin (/ (numer r) (denom r)))))
(put 'cosine '(rational)
(lambda (r) (cos (/ (numer r) (denom r)))))
(put 'atangent '(rational)
(lambda (r) (atan (/ (numer r) (denom r)))))
;; And do following substitutions in complex arithmetic packages:
;; + -> add
;; - -> sub
;; * -> mul
;; / -> div
;; sin -> sine
;; cos -> cosine
;; atan -> atangent
;; These changes are made in file generic-arithmetic/setup.scm.
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