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;; Added pseudoremainder-terms, gcd-terms modified to use it.
(define (install-polynomial-package)
;; internal procedures
;; representation of poly
(define (make-poly variable term-list)
(cons variable term-list))
(define (variable p) (car p))
(define (term-list p) (cdr p)) ;
(define (variable? x) (symbol? x))
(define (same-variable? v1 v2)
(and (variable? v1) (variable? v2) (eq? v1 v2)))
;; representation of terms and termlists
(define (adjoin-term term term-list)
(if (and (list? term) (=zero? (coeff term)))
(cons term term-list)))
(define (the-empty-termlist) '())
(define (first-term term-list) (car term-list))
(define (rest-terms term-list) (cdr term-list))
(define (empty-termlist? term-list)
(or (null? term-list) (list-of-zeros? term-list)))
(define (make-term type termorder termcoeff)
(if (eq? type 'dense)
(list termorder termcoeff)))
(define (termtype term)
(if (list? term) 'sparse 'dense))
(define (order term partial-termlist)
(if (list? term)
(car term)
(sub1 (length partial-termlist))))
(define (coeff term)
(if (list? term)
(cadr term)
;; Greatest common divisor of polynomials
(define (gcd-poly p1 p2)
(if (same-variable? (variable p1) (variable p2))
(make-poly (variable p1)
(gcd-terms (term-list p1)
(term-list p2)))
(error "Polys not in same var - GCD-POLY"
(list p1 p2))))
;; Original:
;; (define (gcd-terms a b)
;; (if (empty-termlist? b)
;; a
;; (gcd-terms b (remainder-terms a b))))
;; Uses pseudoremainder-terms and removes common factors from coefficients:
(define (gcd-terms a b)
(if (empty-termlist? b)
(let ((gcd-of-coeffs (apply gcd (map coeff a))))
(map (λ (term) (list (car term)
(/ (cadr term) gcd-of-coeffs)))
(gcd-terms b (pseudoremainder-terms a b))))
(define (remainder-terms a b)
(cadr (div-terms a b)))
;; New concept introduced to avoid fractional coefficients:
(define (pseudoremainder-terms P Q)
(let ((O1 (order (first-term P) P))
(O2 (order (first-term Q) Q))
(c (coeff (first-term Q))))
(let ((integerizer (list (list 0 (expt c (+ 1 O1 (- O2)))))))
(cadr (div-terms (mul-terms integerizer P) Q)))))
(define (add-poly p1 p2)
(if (same-variable? (variable p1) (variable p2))
(make-poly (variable p1)
(add-terms (term-list p1)
(term-list p2)))
(error "Polys not in same var - ADD-POLY"
(list p1 p2))))
(define (add-terms L1 L2)
(cond ((empty-termlist? L1) L2)
((empty-termlist? L2) L1)
(let ((t1 (first-term L1))
(t2 (first-term L2)))
(cond ((> (order t1 L1) (order t2 L2))
t1 (add-terms (rest-terms L1) L2)))
((< (order t1 L1) (order t2 L2))
t2 (add-terms L1 (rest-terms L2))))
(make-term (termtype t1)
(order t1 L1)
(add (coeff t1) (coeff t2)))
(add-terms (rest-terms L1)
(rest-terms L2)))))))))
(define (mul-poly p1 p2)
(if (same-variable? (variable p1) (variable p2))
(make-poly (variable p1)
(mul-terms (term-list p1)
(term-list p2)))
(error "Polys not in same var - MUL-POLY"
(list p1 p2))))
(define (mul-terms L1 L2)
(if (empty-termlist? L1)
(add-terms (mul-term-by-all-terms (first-term L1)
(order (first-term L1) L1)
(mul-terms (rest-terms L1) L2))))
(define (mul-term-by-all-terms t1 t1-order L)
(if (empty-termlist? L)
(let ((t2 (first-term L)))
(make-term (termtype t1)
(+ t1-order (order t2 L))
(mul (coeff t1) (coeff t2)))
(mul-term-by-all-terms t1
(rest-terms L))))))
;; Division
(define (div-poly p1 p2)
(if (same-variable? (variable p1) (variable p2))
(let ((divided-terms (div-terms (sort-termlist (term-list p1))
(sort-termlist (term-list p2)))))
(make-poly (variable p1) (car divided-terms))
(make-poly (variable p1) (cadr divided-terms))))
(error "Polys not in same var - MUL-POLY"
(list p1 p2))))
(define (div-terms L1 L2)
;(printf "L1: ~a\n" (listpoly->mathpoly (tag (cons 'x L1))))
;(printf "L2: ~a\n" (listpoly->mathpoly (tag (cons 'x L2))))
(if (empty-termlist? L1)
(list (the-empty-termlist) (the-empty-termlist))
(let ((t1 (first-term L1))
(t2 (first-term L2)))
(if (> (order t2 L2) (order t1 L1))
(list (the-empty-termlist) L1)
(let ((new-c (div (coeff t1) (coeff t2)))
(new-o (- (order t1 L1) (order t2 L2))))
(let* ((newterm (list (make-term 'sparse new-o new-c)))
(let* ((subtractor (mul-terms newterm L2))
(difference (sort-termlist
(add-terms L1
(if (empty? difference)
(list (the-empty-termlist)
(div-terms difference L2)))))
(sort-termlist (add-terms newterm
(car rest-of-result)))
(cadr rest-of-result))))))))
;; Sorts sparse termlist by term's order (descending)
(define (sort-termlist L)
(sort L #:key car >))
;; Converts dense termlist to sparse, leaves already sparse list intact
(define (convert-to-sparse termlist)
(if (empty? termlist)
(let ((first-elem (car termlist)))
(if (and (number? first-elem) (zero? first-elem))
(convert-to-sparse (cdr termlist))
(cons (list (order first-elem termlist) (coeff first-elem))
(convert-to-sparse (cdr termlist)))))))
;; Converts dense polynomial to sparse
(define (to-sparse polynomial)
(cons (variable polynomial)
(convert-to-sparse (term-list polynomial))))
;; Negates all terms
(define (negate-termlist termlist)
(if (empty? termlist)
(let ((negator (if (list? (car termlist))
(λ (elem) (list (car elem) (- (cadr elem))))
(map negator termlist))))
;; interface to rest of the system
(define (tag p) (attach-tag 'polynomial p))
(put 'add '(polynomial polynomial)
(lambda (p1 p2) (tag (add-poly p1 p2))))
(put 'sub '(polynomial polynomial)
(lambda (p1 p2) (tag (add-poly p1 (contents (neg (tag p2)))))))
(put 'mul '(polynomial polynomial)
(lambda (p1 p2) (tag (mul-poly (to-sparse p1)
(to-sparse p2)))))
(put 'div '(polynomial polynomial)
(lambda (p1 p2)
(let ((quotient+remainder (div-poly (to-sparse p1)
(to-sparse p2))))
(list (tag (car quotient+remainder))
(tag (cadr quotient+remainder))))))
(put 'neg '(polynomial)
(lambda (p)
(tag (cons (variable p)
(negate-termlist (contents p))))))
(put '=zero? '(polynomial)
(λ (p) (list-of-zeros? (contents p))))
(put 'gcd '(polynomial polynomial)
(λ (p1 p2) (tag (gcd-poly (to-sparse p1)
(to-sparse p2)))))
(put 'gcd '(scheme-number scheme-number) gcd)
(put 'make 'polynomial
(lambda (var terms) (tag (make-poly var terms))))
;; a.
;; We introduce pseudoremainder-terms above to avoid fractional coefficients.
(listpoly->mathpoly (greatest-common-divisor Q1 Q2)) ; "1458x² - 2916x + 1458"
;; Integer coefficients, indeed! But not reduced.
;; b.
;; We modify gcd-terms above to reduce coefficients.
(listpoly->mathpoly (greatest-common-divisor Q1 Q2)) ; "x² - 2x + 1"
;; Bingo!