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bring tail of code listing to previous page,

a quick fix of issue #12 concerning pages 330-331
commit b5de5c942bd260de98fe761f1476c9c50c110e02 1 parent e546c01
@sarabander authored
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4 src/sicp.texi
@@ -14837,6 +14837,8 @@ in @ref{Figure 3.4}.) The other two subexpressions are evaluated by applying
the primitive operations @code{+} and @code{*} to evaluate the two combinations
@code{(+ a 1)} and @code{(* a 2)} to obtain 6 and 10, respectively.
Now we apply the procedure object @code{sum-of-squares} to the arguments 6 and
10. This results in a new environment E2 in which the formal parameters
@code{x} and @code{y} are bound to the arguments. Within E2 we evaluate the
@@ -15226,8 +15228,6 @@ env | W1: --+ | |
@c @end quotation
@end float
This produces the environment structure of @ref{Figure 3.10}, which shows that
@code{W2} is a procedure object, that is, a pair with some code and an
environment. The environment E2 for @code{W2} was created by the call to
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