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added a few sentences what I learned during UX grad school
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# random-example

Sample using [System.Random() from MSDN Documentation](

I’ve switched to real-world sample code because I feel it is easier to grasp Git-related concepts when actual code is being used, rather than using "Hello from File1" or my joke examples. I learned in UX grad school that the more applicable the new information is made, the easier it will be to learn new concepts. You need to have “a hook to hang your hat on,” as the professor would say. E.g. I didn’t find out that cognition means the study of how the brain works, until I was in the 2nd week of class (which was a class called "Cognition"). I was completely lost; whereas all the psychology majors around me were learning the course material faster than Neo learning Kung Fu. My classmates already had a hook to hang their hats on, whereas I was learning that people study this stuff without going to med school.

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