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Simulation of the Earth's orbit around the sun using d3.js.
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##About This is a simulation of the Earth's orbit around the Sun, made using d3.js and math.js. Behind the scenes, the position, velocity and acceleration of the Earth and the Sun are constantly recalculated based on the current values. Changing the mass of Earth and Sun will directly affect the orbit, as will changing the initial distance. The size of Sun and Earth, their distance, the velocity and acceleration arrows are all not proportional to each other. The goal of this simulation is to show the effect small changes have on velocity and acceleration and how that affects the orbit. There is an option to show the habitable zone around the Sun. There are a number of different estimates for its size, I am following this NASA article (). I also hope you enjoy the explicit language feature :)

##Thanks I followed a couple tutorials and partly used their code.

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