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See my live project:

Dot Game

The goal of this exercise is to create a game. In the game, dots move from the top to the bottom of the screen. A player tries to click on the dots, and receives points when they are successful.


Guidelines for Completing the Exercise

  • Your application should work in current Chrome.
  • You can edit any file in the project, and add any assets you require (see below).
  • You may look up anything you'd like.
  • You may use any libraries you'd like.
  • You must write at least the CSS necessary to achieve the basic layout of the game; you may also write additional CSS to improve the design of the game.
  • The project is set up to use Sass, but you may also author plain CSS, or add a different CSS preprocessor.
  • Your finished code should be of a quality that you would submit to your peers for a code review.

Building the Game

  • The game starts when a player touches or clicks the Start button; at that point, the Start button changes to a Pause button, which should pause the game until the button is touched or clicked again.
  • Dots fall at a constant rate. A player should be able to use a slider to control the rate at which dots fall, with a range of 10-100 pixels per second.
  • A new dot appears at a random horizontal position at the top of the box every second. A dot should not "hang" off the left or right edge of the screen.
  • Dots should vary randomly in size from 10px in diameter to 100px in diameter.
  • A dot's value is inversely proportional to its size, with the smallest dots worth 10 points, and the largest dots worth 1 point.
  • When a player touches or clicks a dot, the dot should disappear from the box, and the score should be increased based on the dot's value.

You can view your running application by clicking the "Show" link in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

Creating and Using Assets

To create a new asset, click on the "assets" directory in the front-end section; drag the file from you computer to the browser window.

To use an asset, click on the "assets" directory in the front-end section; then, click the "Copy URL" button to get the asset's URL.

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