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by Sarah Ellis Fox

The Instanews App is the second project that I completed for the Red Academy Web Development program. It is a mobile-first responsive single-page website that allows users to select a news category from a drop-down menu to receive the top twelve news stories of the day, provided by the New York Times API.


Technology Used

For this project I utilized Gulp to compile SASS and to minify my Javascript and stylesheets.

Gulp & Key Gulp Dependencies

  • gulp-autoprefixer : A CSS post processor that combs through compiled CSS files and adds vendor prefixes like -webkit and -moz after checking the code against

  • gulp-cssnano : Runs CSS through focused optimisations to make the file as small as possible.

  • gulp-terser : Compresses ES6+ code.

Sass / CSS

  • Used SCSS, a superset of CSS3's syntax. The files are broken up for readability and include:
    • _reset.scss - resets the styling of all HTML elements to a consistent baseline.
    • _mixins.scss - defines reusable chunks of code - used on this site for media queries.
    • _selectric.scss - a jquery plugin that styles the site's select drop-down menu.
    • _variables - reusable variables that include colours, fonts and media queries.
  • Google Fonts - AS PER JIM'S KIND ALLOWANCE I have used Google Fonts for this project!

Javascript / jQuery

  • Used to achieve the following:
    • Wrapped jQuery in DOMContentLoaded function to ensure the content had loaded.
    • Calling the jQuery plugin Selectric to style the drop-down menu.
    • Triggering an event that begins when something is selected from the drop-down menu.
    • Calling on the power of AJAX to GET the data from the NYT Top Stories API.
    • Filtering results and excluding anything that doesn't contain an image or abstract.
    • Selecting the first twelve articles from the filter and appending the site content.
    • Using the Add/Remove Class method to resize the navigation/logo to accommodate the article content.
    • Hiding/Showing the loading icon at the appropriate times.
    • Displaying an error message if no articles are found.

Stretch Goals

  • Used Selectric, a jQuery plugin to change the style of the drop-down menu.
  • Used CSS to add animated transitions to each article on hover - growing the container and removing the abstract.


  • During this project I learned the importance of testing my error message - I found that the reason that it was never triggering because I'd put it inside the .done section!
  • After encountering an article from the NYT API that contained an image but no abstract I added one extra filter to my code, so each item would have to have both an image and an abstract.
  • I'm slowly but surely starting to get the logic of JavaScript/jQuery, and troubleshooting the API/loading gif/error messages was extremely helpful for me!
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