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PJ Machine

========== The PJ Machine (Publishing Jockey Machine) is a box with arcade buttons to control a node js web interface for live publishing. Made with Constant and love.

PJ Machine


_You need node.js and python 2.7 to install.

1. Download this repository

Click on Clone or Download in the top right corner of this page, then Download ZIP. Unpack this folder.

2. Open a terminal window

Open a terminal window to execute commands and install the programm.

  • macOS: go to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
  • Linux: use a terminal app such as Terminal or Konsole

In your terminal, navigate to the pj-machine folder with your terminal using the cd command:

cd path/to/pj-machine

3. Install dependencies

Install dependencies (may take up to 5 minutes):

npm install

4. Run PJ Machine

Start the node server folder with the following command:

node server.js

Go to http://localhost:1337 in your favorite browser


Work in Progress.


Normally you should control the PJ Machine programm with the PJ Machine Box.
You can also control it with your keyboard.
e -> select the block you want to act on
o -> Previous content
p -> Next content
a -> Move Left
s -> Move Up
q -> Move Right
w -> Move Down
u -> Zoom In
Space -> Zoom Out
i -> Increase the width of the block
y -> Increase word-spacing
r -> Descrease word-spacing
t -> Export the page to pdf


GPL v.3